Below is the list of Creepy Six Films’ in-house productions spanning 2001 – 2012. As of 2015, Creepy Six Films began acquiring other international titles for our Blu-ray and DVD release catalogue, some of which are now limited & numbered editions! 2016 marked Creepy Six Films’ 15th Anniversary, which we celebrated with brand new editions and new releases of all of our films! Available in THE STORE!

Our Acquisitions


house_of_vhs_pre-saleHOUSE OF VHS

This new French horror film from director Gautier Cazenave makes its Canadian debut on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Creepy Six Films!




ComputerHearts2015BRcaseCOMPUTER HEARTS / S.I.D.S

Albert (Turner Stewart, Gutterballs 2) is quickly losing interest in his real life fiancée, Vanessa (Alix Miller), in favour of the perfect “waifu” he has created using a web-based Hentai dating simulator… leading to a sexually explicit body horror climax full of f*cked up violence and gross-out effects





Sex, conspiracy and violence explode in GLASS, the second installment of Vince D’Amato’s neo-giallo series. Tirra Dent (Demons in the Dark) plays Zarana, a woman consumed by paranoia and rabid nightmares after she witnesses her neighbor’s murder. Soon, she finds herself relentlessly stalked by the enigmatic killer.




Brivido Giallo’s first feature film, an erotic and visually rich & experimental neo-giallo, was filmed entirely in London and Milan – this sexy, twisted thriller plays out entirely without dialog!


Creepy Six Films’ Productions


HardCur2015BRcaseTHE HARD CUT

The final Creepy Six Films feature film production is a kinetic, outrageous, action neo-noir with elements of horror and the supernatural. A tale told in two parts, from the perspectives of two lead characters.




This viral webseries hit is a hilarious 70s throwback splatterfest and is included on The Hard Cut Blu-ray!

Nine reels of 1970’s drive-in gut-smashing, cheerleader-bleeding, satanic-slashing mayhem!




Follow the unraveling mystery of Amanda Keaton’s disappearance… A neo-realist take on pop culture, murder, and media culture. Inside this multilayered satire on violence and media are small remnants of the meta-fiction connecting this tale to the world of The Hard Cut and Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan. Included on The Hard Cut Blu-ray.


Sex&Death_Vol1_DVD_sm Sex & Death: 1977 (short)

Originally released on the 2008 Unearthed Films Special Edition “Carmilla” DVD.

A Jess Franco-inspired European 70s throwback; a highly-stylized story of sex and violence; director Vince D’Amato’s first artistic exploration into erotic cinema. Now available on the Carmilla DVD set and the Reversed Blu-ray.



“Eroticism mixed with white knuckle terror in a blood soaked horror anthology that is sure to test the endurance of even the most hardened gorehound. Inspired by the unhinged grindhouse films of the 1970s and 80s, these six gruesome tales take place in a world where women aren’t afraid to exact horrific revenge on those who dared wrong them. Simultaneously sexy, disturbing, and exhilarating, these tales of female revenge will both titillate and terrify.”   ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide


Human-Nature_DVD.AsylumHUMAN NATURE

A serial killer/domestic prisoner gore-a-thon pre-torture porn opus, “Human Nature” is our low-budget breakneck-scheduled horror one-off — we shot the entirety of this film in nine days, executing deliberately long single-takes as its palate – which only lent to the unnerving style of its unusually linear nature.

Mock poster - Jon edited Heads Are Gonna Roll (short)

Originally released on the 2004 Asylum “Vampires vs Zombies” DVD.

A wife, her jealous husband, a sassy bartender (Brinke Stevens), a murderous hitman and a spy all meet in a bar. And someone’s got a severed head in a bag.

carmilla_unearthedDVDCARMILLA (aka Vampires vs Zombies)

When young heroine Jenna Fontaine falls victim to a strange vampiric plague, causing all sorts of wild hallucinations, she takes off with her father Travis to seek out and eradicate the source of the vile infection…

But Carmilla has other plans for Jenna… And soon they’ll find themselves facing off against Catholic school-girl zombies, cannibals, demon nuns, and the ferocious vampire locked Travis’s own trunk! …All while Carmilla is slowly seducing Jenna’a body and soul….


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