CREEPY SIX FILMS was founded in December 2001 by Vince D’Amato and Nicole Hancock to produce genre films for the international film market. Since 2001 Creepy Six Films has worked with the international distribution companies The Asylum, Brain Damage Films, and Unearthed Films; and have produced and released our own experimental, surreal, and comedic horror and revenge movies for film market territories all over the world.

APRIL 2017 marked the 15-year shooting-anniversary for our first feature cult film CARMILLA THE LESBIAN VAMPIRE. Fifteen years ago we brought American cult-movie icon Brinke Stevens up to Vancouver to collaborate on the kitschy-gory vampire/zombie movie with Creepy Six Films – production wrapped in early May of 2002. The film completed post-production and was screened in Vancouver’s Cinematheque theatre in 2003, and the movie was subsequently signed to The Asylum for global distribution in October of that year. The Asylum then unleashed the film into the world in May of 2004. In 2008, Unearthed Film picked up the film for a second time and re-released an Uncut Special Edition in 2008. In 2015, Creepy Six Films made a Limited Dual-DVD Edition available in the online store.

Other Productions:

BRIVIDO GIALLO is the second-incarnation genre production company formed by Vince D’Amato and Mickey E.Vil in September of 2011; based out of Vancouver, BC and Brescia, Italy. Brivido Giallo is focused on erotic and bloody genre films influenced by the gialli of the 1970s and 1980s, incorporating the heady imagery of surrealist  filmmaking and creating subversive Italian/European-style thrillers within a very unique realm.

In the summer of 2017, Nicole (Hancock) D’Amato and Vince D’Amato then formed the international film sales company DARKSIDE RELEASING, which will made its debut at the American Film Market in November, 2017, and will continue to participate in the international film markets over the next year as a film distribution and international film sales company.

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