15 years of blurring the line between arthouse and grindhouse.

CREEPY SIX FILMS was founded in 2001 by Vince D’Amato and Nicole Hancock to produce genre films for the international film market. For nearly ten years, working with The Asylum, Brain Damage Films, and Unearthed Films, we produced and released our own experimental, surreal, and comedic horror and revenge movies for film market territories all over the world.

In 2011, we started a new international production company, BRIVIDO GIALLO, which has taken over all of the film production duties, while Creepy Six Films remains the umbrella company through which these new films are released.

BRIVIDO GIALLO was formed by Vince D’Amato and Mickey E.Vil in September of 2011; based out of London, UK and Brescia, Italy. The new production company is focused on genre films influenced by the Gialli of the 1970s and 1980s and incorporating the heady imagery of the fantastique, creating subversive, emotional and erotic Italian/European thrillers into a very unique realm of the giallo surreale.


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