Blurring the line between arthouse and grindhouse, since 2001.

After screening theatrically in the UK, Canada, and Italy over the last year and a half, Brivido Giallo’s first feature film REVERSED will be making its final theatrical appearance at CINEMAFANTASTIQUE in Vancouver this summer, July 10-12!

December 13, 2014 is Creepy Six Films’ Thirteenth Anniversary!

Anniversaries abound this year for Vancouver’s Midnight Movie company – and it all started thirteen years ago, over the Christmas season in 2001. Incredibly, this year also saw the tenth anniversary of our first two feature film releases – Carmilla / Vampires vs Zombies and Human Nature (both released in 2004 but shot in 2002 and 2003, respectively).

Creepy Six Films, 2001 – 2014:  Since its inception in 2001, Creepy Six Films has produced independent genre features, shorts, and web series for international release. Satirically laced with dark humour (as is part of the usual modus operandi), our most recent film The Hard Cut Double/Feature has be released in Spain this year exclusively for VOD / SVOD and on Blu-ray, the latter is now available for worldwide shipping in a Special Edition featuring the complete & uncut version of Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan, through our brand new STORE.  As of 2011, co-founder Vince D’Amato started a new international production company, Brivido Giallo, their first feature film Reversed was released in 2013.


Have a look at their awesome international genre catalogue!



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