Kyrsya-Tuftland, Odissea della Morte, and Lonely Hearts come to Blu-ray! From Darkisde Releasing…


Kyrsyä – Tuftland Kyrsya? ? Tuftland Film Still

Kyrsya-Tuftland comes to Blu-ray via spectacular Collerctors’ Media Pack from Darkside Releasing! Kyrsya-Tufland, the arthouse Finnish hillbilly backwoods horror opus that graced the big screen at last summer’s Cinemafantastique is now available the and – the new release includes exclusive behind-the-scenes interview plus a second Blu-ray disc featuring the 90-minite making-of documentary, “From Stage to Screen”, which chronicles the creation of Kyrsya-Tuftland from its origins as a stage play to the casting process, the production, and all of the trials and tribulations that came with bringing this gorgeously-shot and engaging Finnish horror story to the big screen.

In addition to Kyrsya-Tuftland, Darkside Releasing’s final re-issue of Odissea della Morte (the last installment of the neo-giallo trilogy, starring Tristan Risk, Momona Komagata, and Lynn Lowry) gets its own dual-Blu-ray Media Pack release also on February 19th. The extensive bonus features included on…

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New title just added! “Dames & Dreams” – EFM Market Premiere!


Dames & Dreams EFM “Dames and Dreams” ~ World Market Premiere!

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT! Dames & Dreams from DéJà VUE Films, in association with Rev13 Films and Soner Rock Films, has just been added to Darkside Releasing’s exclusive market premiere films at the EFM in Berlin this week! Dames & Dreams is (was) nearly a completely lost 70s exploitation sex-and-crime saga starring George “Buck” Flower (from John Carpenter’s films)! The original film elements were discovered and returned to the film’s producer and cinematographer, film vet Jacques Descent, in 2017. Jack, who ran a studio lab in Hollywood (interiors for Dames & Dreams were shot there) and produced close the 50 films, formed DéJà VUE Films to finally complete Dames & Dreams after its near-half-century in oblivion.

The original 16mm Super Negative was scanned in 4K and the 1/4″ Nagra audio reels digitized and enhanced. Post-production was completed at Rev13 Films in Montreal. In a recent…

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Darkside Releasing Newsletter – Feb 2, 2019


Lonely Hearts 2019 “Lonely Hearts” ~ World Market Premiere!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what a better way for Darkside Releasing to celebrate than the official exclusive Collectors’ Series release of LONELY HEARTS! Lonely Hearts is the newest film from Sam Mason Bell (Trash Arts) and Jessica Hunt and producer Hill Burton (HB Films) in the UK – the filmmaking team behind Troma’s Industrial Animals and the newest Toxic Schlock and 2017’s Taste of Phobia

Lonely Hearts will be making its world market premiere at the Europe Film Market (EFM) at Berlinale in Berlin February 7th via Darkside Releasing.

Following the EFM, the Blu-ray will be released by Darkside Releasing on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th) through the official Darkside Releasing website and Amazon; this Dual-Blu-ray Collectors’ Edition will include a glossy full-colour 16-page booklet, outer slipcover, Audio Commentary by the filmmakers, plus an additional 9 short films…

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Darkside Releasing Newsletter – August, 2018 – The Store


Darkside Releasing is proud to announce a new line up of Collectors’ Series Blu-ray Media Packs! These never-before-published editions will feature exclusive special features and 16-page full-color booklets, with most editions boasting a DUAL Blu-ray package. The new line-up launches August 2018 with Rob Grant’s zombie gore-a-thon Yesterday”, making it #1 in this elite numbered series – future releases will include Reversed (#2), Glass (#3) and Amazon Hot Box! (#4)  – exclusively from Darkside Releasing!

Check it out in THE STORE

Coming soon to Blu-ray: August 25th!

Yesterday_2018_Poster_WEBYesterday follows the lives of six complete strangers in the middle of a zombie outbreak! As each person struggles to survive, their actions begin to have repercussions around the dying city, which culminates in a stand-off at the local grocery store. There, the remaining few decide to band together and flee to the wilderness. Once camp is built however, they…

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Cinemafantastique 4 will be at the Vacnity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street in Vancouver, Saturday AUGUST 25th. This year’s 10 hours of genre film mayhem includes a block of short films guaranteed to slay and three insane feature films including our opening films KYRSYA TUFTLAD and a wild adaptation of Stephen King’s “POPSY”, and the new cult fan-favourite festival closer THE THETA GIRL. Local filmmakers from Bad Cookie Pictures and last year’s horror-short winners, Richard and Samantha Lukacs, along with several other guests including Jimmie Gonzalez (director of 2016’s The Red Man) who will be our “Cinema Therapy” DJ throughout the day. More local filmmakers will be in attendance, along with the Vancouver genre film distribution company Darkside Releasing, who will be soft-launching their newest release, Rob Grant’s 16mm zombie gore-a-thon Yesterday on blu-ray, and David Aboussafy from the annual Vancouver BADASS film festival! This all-day event is…

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