Director Biographical Note

Vince D’Amato

Vince is the award*-winning international director of the 3 neo-giallo films Reversed, Glass, and Odissea Della Morte, which make up a loose giallo “trilogy” of sex, violence, and surrealism; produced in the UK, Italy, and Canada, through 2011-2017.

After co-founding the independent genre film production company Creepy Six Films in Vancouver, Canada in 2001 with Nicole (Hancock) D’Amato; Vince D’Amato wrote, produced, and directed four feature films, three short films, and two internet TV series for the Canadian company. In 2004 and 2005 their first two features became international cult hits, being widely distributed in Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany, Russia, UK, Canada, and America. In 2011, Vince moved from Canada and launched Brivido Giallo, an international production company based in Italy with his production partner Mickey E.Vil in Brescia – where he completed his fifth feature, the mind-twisting erotic thriller titled Reversed (2013). Returning to Vancouver, he produced and directed his sixth feature film, the multi award-winning Glass (2015). Recently, Vince and Nicole have co-founded the Cinemafantastique international genre film festival and have completed the new feature film, Odissea Della Morte, which won the #13 spot on Film Bizarro’s “Top 30 of 2017” list.

Vince and Nicole are currently a co-founding partners for the new international distribution company Darkside Releasing.

Vince D’Amato’s selected Filmography:
Carmilla (Vampires vs. Zombies)
Human Nature

Hell Hath No Fury
Odissea Della Morte
Stab Kill Die