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Massacre Up North DVD

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Distributor: Shivers Entertainment
Director: Paul Stoichevski
Runtime: 100 Min


After a camping accident leaves him disfigured and tormented by classmates thereafter, Leslie Rejick (writer/director Paul Stoichevski) only has one thing on his mind: TIME TO EVEN THE SCORE! With a hardware store chock-full of deadly tools at his disposal, he leaves behind a merciless path of death and destruction in a small Canadian town. A pair of inept city detectives, determined to track down the killer, enlist the help of eccentric local forensic specialist Patrick (Lorn Eisen). But Patrick holds a secret of his own, and ultimately leads the detectives head-on into a bizarre, bloody battle with the psychotic killer.

Shivers Entertainment is proud to present this gory shot-on-video slasher for the first time ever on DVD! Rarely seen, lost and buried for the past 15 years, MASSACRE UP NORTH is now presented remastered and uncut in all its face-drilling, head-banging glory!

Special Features:

  • Collectible booklet with liner notes
  • Director’s Introduction
  • Director Promo Reel
  • Photo Gallery


corpse_single_coveronly_specialedition“You have to admire anyone who can get vampire hookers, cyborg kung-fu, a re-animated headless corpse and a serial boyfriend-killer all into the same flick! …Check it out!” ~Joe Bob Briggs (Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In)

This is a very special limited-numbered single-disc DVD Special Edition celebrating Creepy Six Films’ 15th Anniversary – and the 15th Anniversary of Corpse-O-Rama itself – which was Creepy Six Films’ freshman film! Originally shot on 16mm film and released independently on VHS in Canada in 2001, this new DVD version is a newly-transferred and color-timed version of the film from the original film masters, released to only 150 DVD copies as a historical record of Creepy Six Films. Once these 150 are gone, that’s it!

All of our new DVDs are environmentally printed individually on DVD-R media and encased in a standard DVD Amaray case and individually shrinkwrapped. These will be our final and definitive releases of our back catalogue, available while supplies last. This final edition also includes Joe Bob Briggs’ complete Drive-In review!

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CARMILLA 2-DVD PERFECT EDITION (666 Limited Numbered Edition)

The original 2004 Asylum DVD, Vampires vs Zombies; plus the ultra-special Unearthed Films 2008 DVD release are included in this new double-DVD “Perfect Edition” set from Creepy Six Films, commemorating our 15th anniversary in 2016. Includes all the special features from both DVDs, this set, along with our second and third films (Human Nature and Hell Hath No Fury) are all available now in the very limited (666 copies each) and individually numbered double-disc sets with reversible sleeve artwork. All of our new sets are environmentally printed individually on DVD-R media (single and dual-layer) and encased in an environmental dual-disc Amaray case and individually shrinkwrapped. These will be our final and definitive releases of our back catalogue, available while supplies last.

 $21.99 + 3.50 Shipping – Worldwide! Dual-DVD available now! Pay with PayPal.

HUMAN NATURE 2-DVD PERFECT EDITION (666 Limited Numbered Edition)

A very special edition of Creepy Six Films’ second horror film; this “Perfect Edition” includes both the original Asylum DVD release plus the 2008 Anamorphic and UNCUT Creepy Six Films DVD with exclusive special features including a behind-the-scenes documentary, interviews with the cast and crew and special FX make-up artist Ryan Nicholson, and audio commentary. Reversible slipsleeve artwork. THIS TITLE IS ONLY AVAILABLE HERE!

$19.99 + $3.50 Shipping – Worldwide! Dual-DVD available now! Pay with PayPal.

HELL HATH NO FURY Blu-ray/DVD Combo PERFECT EDITION (666 Limited Numbered Edition)

A brand new Blu-ray featuring a new Anamorphic transfer of the original, uncut film; plus a new 1080p “Grindhouse” version – both versions include the never-before-released audio commentary by the cast and crew; plus the original Brain Damage Films DVD version which includes an exclusive photo gallery and Brain Damage trailers. This new Blu-ray/DVD combo set also includes four rare, exclusive behind-the-scenes full-sized postcards. With reversible slipsleeve artwork.

$31.99 + $3.50 Shipping – Worldwide! Blu-ray/DVD Combo available now! Pay with PayPal.

Hell_DVD_SINGLE_FRONTonlyHELL HATH NO FURY Single-DVD Anniversary Edition (666 Limited Numbered Edition)

This newly-transferred (2015) Anamorphic DVD-9 includes the fully uncut version of the film plus the never-before-heard audio commentary by filmmakers Vince D’Amato, Ryan Nicholson, Peter Speers and leading actress Jennifer Angiers, as originally recorded in 2004.

$19.99 + $3.50 Shipping – Worldwide! DVD available now! Pay with PayPal.


VAMPIRES vs ZOMBIES [aka “CARMILLA”] VINTAGE PACK (Extremely Limited Pack)

The ORIGINAL 2004 VAMPIRES vs ZOMBIES DVD release from The Asylum (out of print) packaged with an original Creepy Six Films theatrical lobby card! (Lobby Card is one of four RANDOM prints). Available as a SIGNED & sealed edition, 8’x10′ (signatures on the Lobby Card, bottom right corner). Extremely limited and available here only!

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