The Hard Cut Collection (2012)

THE HARD CUT / Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan / The Renfield Syndrome

THE HARD CUT double feature …A twisting orgy of film noir!

On the surface, the film print looks like another worn-out drive-in horror flick, but deep inside the reels of 35mm, there’s hard evidence of a cold case murder and ritualistic sacrifice. It’s not hard to figure that Roddy isn’t the only one who wants to get his hands on this coveted film print, but when Ritchie Valentine’s slashed corpse is discovered under the bed of a seedy hotel room, a bizarre chain of events is kicked off like a line of toppling dominoes – double-crosses, murder, sex, betrayal, and sacrificial rites of immortality.

Payback’s a bitch.

In the second half of this double/feature, Death Angel walks into a bar and holds a stripper hostage at gunpoint – inadvertently setting off a string of deadly consequences when a valuable item of Rocky’s gets destroyed in the crossfire. Rocky’s no rich guy, he’s just a hired thug living in the crime underworld. Now he has to replace the item, and that’s going to cost him six thousand dollars and some change… too bad Rocky’s just been jacked out of his six grand by The Looker and Owen, the owner of one of the outfit’s club, when they screwed up Rocky’s bet on the Friday night fights.

Meanwhile, the new street boss needs Rocky to grab a private dick named Roddy Tillinghast before he brings the entire underworld network down to its knees.

Putting the private dick on the backburner, Rocky and his partner Alex decide they’re going to track down that six grand if it’s the last thing they ever do. And despite the fact Rocky never even pulls his gun out, everyone he encounters inevitably ends up dead around him. This might not bode too well for him or his friend Alex, but the quick-witted pair of underworld thugs just might take everyone by surprise at the end of the day.

CATHOLIC CHEERLEADERS FOR SATAN! (The movie within the movie)

So, there’s this detective named Roddy Tillinghast. He gets hired to find an old 70’s drive-in flick called “Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan”. He gets beat up a lot and we made a movie about him and his jaw-cracking gun-slinging friends, and this movie is called “The Hard Cut Double/Feature”. 

But wait… Roddy actually found the real deal – the “Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan” movie from 1978…

Nine reels of 1970’s drive-in gut-smashing, cheerleader-bleeding, satanic-slashing mayhem!

…Four guys trekking through the mountainside backwoods run across a group of gals on a routine Cheerleader retreat from Miskatonic U.

Little do the guys know they’ve just stepped over the trapdoor to Hell, and these four lovely cheerleaders have the key… And they’re about to bust that door wide open!

 Check out what viewers are saying…!

“Epic. Just Epic. Gore, beer, and boobies. ‘Nuff Said.”
“Epicamente Épico …”
“More. Upload more!”
“Sexy & gory”


Renfield3_WebFollow the unraveling mystery of Amanda Keaton’s disappearance as told in Creepy Six Films’ exclusive web series. A neo-realist take on pop culture, murder, and media culture… Originally shot as a side-project during the production of The Hard Cut Double/Feature (yes, we’re nuts), the story got away from us until we had time to cast and produce the re-shoots (approximately half the film) in 2010. Still, deep inside this multilayered satire on violence and media, are small remnants of the meta-fiction connecting this tale to the world of The Hard Cut and Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan.