Human Nature (2004)

2004 International / DVD release (The Asylum)

Human-Nature_sellsheetFULLHUMAN NATURE

Two years before the term “torture porn” was dropped on Eli Roth’s gore-out extravaganzas (Hostel and Hostel 2) we had written, produced, shot and cut our serial killer/domestic prisoner gore-a-thon pre-torture porn opus, “Human Nature”. Only after we’d released this had I discovered that there was actually a Charlie Kaufman-scripted movie by the same name, released around the same time. I hope too many people didn’t get these mixed up! At any rate, theirs had Tim Robbins and Patricia Arquette in it, ours had a serial killer and a call girl who’s held hostage in his garage. That was pretty much the thrust of our plot held within what is actually our only completely (and coherently) linear film to date. An aesthetic fact that, in itself, is somehow unsettling.

Designed as a low-budget breakneck-scheduled horror one-off, we shot the entirety of this film in nine days, executing deliberately long single-takes as its palate – which only lent to the unnerving style of its linear nature.

Of course, we realize that telling a story within a linear structure is par for the course for most people. Unfortunately, my brain just never really ticked that way when constructing storylines (as anyone who has seen Vampires vs. Zombies can attest to). For us, both the content and the far-out idea of linear structure was paradox to our usually good-humoured and totally fragmented and timeline-twisting narratives.

Fair warning.