Rob Grant’s YESTERDAY Blu-ray soft-launches at Cinemafantastique 4 this summer! – August 25th in Vancouver!


Darkside Releasing is extremely proud to present the first-time HD release of director Rob Grant’s 2009 epic 16mm zombie gore-a-thon Yesterday on Blu-ray, and this title will also be kicking off a brand new numbered Collector’s Series of very select Media Pack releases coming up from Darkside Releasing (dual blu-ray discs, all new special features, exclusive slip-covers, and 16-page media booklets). Rob Grant’s newest film, Fake Blood, premiered at VIFF’s Rupture Fest earlier this year. Yesterday was also a hit on the genre festival circuit, channeling the wild, over-the-top energy, gore, and cult film sensibilities of J.R. Bookwalter’s The Dead Next Door and Lief Jonker’s Darkness!

Cinemafanatstique 4 takes place noon-10pm on Saturday August 25th at the Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street in Vancouver.

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Darkside Releasing Newsletter – July, 2018



Uh-oh… #VelleyoftheRats limited signed #Bluray by Tristan Risk and Josh Burns just SOLD OUT this morning! Thanks to everyone who purchased! There are still other versions available at… PLUS we will have some exciting news on the UPCOMING COLLECTOR’S EDITION of Rob Grant’s 16mm zombie gore-a-thon YESTERDAY, being released next month during Cinemafantastique4 (Blu-ray will be available at the venue!)


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Darkside Releasing Newsletter – June 2018, Part II


house-of-vhs-pic (B11)Awesome announcement! In huge news, Darkside Releasing has now officially launched its own Vimeo On-Demand platform, where we’ll be making new features and mid-length films available each month from now on! To help launch our new digital rental & download platform, we’re featuring the European haunted house / horror-comedy HOUSE OF VHS, available exclusively in Canada from Darkside Releasing! Produced by Darkside Releasing’s own David Aboussafy (producer of the upcoming Amazon Hot Box), House of VHS was written and directed by Gautier Cazenave and is also available on a special Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from Darkside Releasing.

…“Director Gautier Cazanave takes his love of VHS and old-style horror films and creates a movie that is destined to become a cult classic. Horror fans will definitely be wanting to track down a copy…!” says HEAVY Music Magazine (2016).

Stay tuned for more amazing news this summer, especially as CINEMAFANTASTIQUE 4 is…

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Darkside Releasing Newsletter – June 2018



May went by quick! And this weekend (June 2nd & 3rd) you’ll be able to catch Joe O’Connell’s documentary on legendary stuntman Gary Kent, “Love & Other Stunts” at the Alamo Drafthouse-Village! In the meantime, here’s a nice article about the film!

In addition, the gooey/Lovecraftian wild genre film “Soft Matter” just received it’s official US DVD release from our wonderful partners at Wild Eye Releasing (check out the handsome review of the film here) – which is still available for international sales through Darkside Releasing… check out the films’ trailers here!

Love and Other Stunts – Trailer #1 from Darkside Releasing on Vimeo.

Soft Matter – Official Trailer from Darkside Releasing on Vimeo.

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The #Creepysixfilms Times (Vol. 28)


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New Summer/Fall 2018 Issue from Creepy Six Films…!


Horror-Comedy | 70 min. | CAN | 2018
Nine reels of 1970’s drive-in gut-smashing, cheerleader-bleeding, satanic-slashing mayhem!

BEHIND THE SCENES: “Stab Kill Die”! marks the first official feature film from Creepy Six Films in six years, since 2012’s “The Hard Cut”; and is genre film director Vince D’Amato’s 8th feature film. “Stab Kill Die” is not an entirely new film; the material in this dual-universe dark horror-comedy was originally produced from 2005 to 2011, and most of the material had been released in various broken-up versions such as web series and supplemental shorts for various DVD releases. Now, film company Darkside Releasing has taken all of the original film-transfer materials back to the editing studio to create this wild, integral epic of sex and gore; inspired by the likes of Bigas Luna’s 1987 mind-bending horror cult classic “Anguish”, and which now boasts way more sex and gore than ever, and is the second-most-expensive low-budget film Creepy Six Films has ever produced (at a whopping $15,000, it comes in second only to the original and far-more-expensive “Vampires vs Zombies”).

DARKSIDE RELEASING will give STAB KILL DIE its official market debut in 2018 at the American Film Market (AFM), although it will be available for some quiet pre-sales during the Marche du Film at Cannes this spring.

THE PLOT: After confronting her best friend for cheating with her husband, Lorraine (Danielle Korda) heads to a theatre to watch the latest horror movie, which features a team of Satanic cheerleaders (Jennifer Wright, Janessa O’Hearn, Laura Leone Hancock, and Kacie Heart) who murder and cannibalize their way through a wild and weird “cheerleaders’ retreat”. Meanwhile, Lorriane’s sanity snaps and she begins to dispatch bloody revenge of her own, unaware that she’s being manipulated by a gory alien sex parasite that has been infecting each of her sexual partners. As both stories play out through parallel worlds of insane horror, neither of the realities are what they first seem to be, leading to an explosively bloody climax.

PRODUCED BY the collaborative film companies Darkside Releasing & Creepy Six Films, STAB KILL DIE was shot on 16mm film… and lovingly directed by Vince D’Amato. This kinetic, gory, sexy homage to the wild and uninhibited cinema of the 1970s takes a warped turn through Darkside Releasing’s head-tripping lens in this 2018 amped-up reworking of Creepy Six Films’ original “Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan” viral webseries.

The #creepysixfilms Times (Vol. 27) Darkside Releasing – Online Store opening and new Blu-rays NEXT WEEK!


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Blu-Ray_ValleyThe STORE PAGE on the Darkside Releasing website will be open for business NEXT WEEK on MARCH 27th, 2018 (Tuesday), launching three exclusive Blu-ray packages of the latest film from Brivido Giallo, The Valley of the Rats, aka “Odissea della Morte” (international version)!

Valley of the Rats / Odissea della Morte (translated from Italian as “Odyssey of the Dead”) stars Vancouver’s Tristan Risk (American Mary, The Editor), Momona Komagata (Peelers), Jesse Inocalla, Jessie Crabbe, and cult icon Lynn Lowry (The Crazies, Shivers, Cat People), and was executive produced by Vancouver’s David Aboussafy (the upcoming Amazon Hot Box), William Carne (Pneuma), and directed by Vince D’Amato (Carmilla, Glass, Reversed), with music from Mickey E.Vil and The Mugshots — all editions will also include a 16-minute concert set by The Mugshots recorded live in Italy in 2017.

Two version of the new Valley of the Rats / Odissea della Morte releases -triple Blu-ray packs- will be available in ultra-limited editions of 100 (which will include a full-length live performance by Tristan Risk and Caravan of Creeps burlesque troupe) and 500 copies (which will include the international version, Odissea della Morte). We’ll also be pairing executive producer David Aboussafy’s European horror-comedy (directed by Gautier Cazenave) House of VHS in a limited Valley/House double-pack!

These extremely limited Blu-rays, DVDs, and combo packs exclusive to the new online store and Shivers Entertainment

Everything will be available next week! Tuesday!!!



The #creepysixfilms Times (Vol. 26) – New Darkside Releasing online store opening soon!


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Blu-Ray_Valley_CaravanWell, to elaborate on this week’s blog heading, there will soon be needful things from Darkside Releasing — we’ve just added a STORE PAGE to the Darkside Releasing website:

DARKSIDE RELEASING is the new independent distribution company based out of Vancouver, BC, and is an extension of the long-running midnight movie company Creepy Six Films – both companies were founded by Vince D’Amato and Nicole Hancock D’Amato.

Opening MARCH 27th, 2018, Darkside Releasing will launch a series of very special, extremely limited Blu-rays, DVDs, and combo packs exclusive to the new online store and Shivers Entertainment

Two of the new Valley of the Rats / Odissea della Morte releases (starring Tristan Risk, Momona Komagata, Jesse Inocalla, Jessie Crabbe, and Lynn Lowry) will be available in ultra-limited editions of 100 and 500 copies. We’ll also be pairing executive producer David Aboussafy’s European horror-comedy (directed by Gautier Cazenave) House of VHS in a limited Valley/House double-pack.

More updates next week!


The #creepysixfilms Times (Vol. 25) – Valley of the Rats / Odissea della Morte coming to Blu-ray in Canada!

Darkside Releasing, Vancouver’s new genre film sales company, is proud to present their first Canadian Blu-ray release: a new erotic neo-giallo, Valley of the Rats. Produced by David Aboussafy, William Carne, and Vince D’Amato, Valley of the Rats stars Tristan Risk (American Mary, The Editor), Momona Komagata (Peelers), Jesse Inocalla, and features a very special guest appearance by cult icon Lynn Lowry (Shivers, The Crazies, Score, and Cat People) with music by Mickey E.Vil of Italy’s progressive rock band, The Mugshots. We were all very excited to see that the film wound up on Film Bizarro’s “Top 30 of 2017” list – in the #13 spot – earlier this year.

Darkside Releasing is also very pleased to announce that multiple-version Blu-rays will be released on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, in collaboration with the Canadian independent distributor Shivers Entertainment. Both and will carry an ultra-limited (100 copies) triple Blu-ray set, which will include the official Canadian version of Valley of the Rats (disc 1), the original USA film festival version (disc 2), plus an ultra-rare videorecording of Tristan Risk’s burlesque troupe Caravan of Creeps (disc 3) of their 2017 live performance “Game Over: Time to Serenade the Arcade Decade” in its entirety, which also includes an optional audio commentary with Tristan Risk and MC Jessie Inocalla. Tristan and Jesse also provide an audio commentary with director Vince D’Amato on Valley of the Rats, and there are additional cast & crew audio commentaries and interviews included on the Blu-rays. Rounding out the special features is a live performance video by constant musical collaborators The Mugshots, recorded in Italy in 2016. There will also be an unlimited dual-disc version available (featuring the Canadian and the US film fest versions of the film, with special features); and finally, another triple-disc version, which swaps out the Caravan of Creeps Blu-ray for a very special printing of the international version of Valley of the Rats, which was re-cut, re-coloured, and re-titled Odissea della Morte (the new name courtesy of producer David Aboussafy) for 2018. This international three-disc version is limited to 500 copies and will be available exclusively through Shivers Entertainment

Keep an eye on Darkside Releasing for more news and new releases, plus a time-limited double-pack promotion featuring the dual-disc version of Valley of the Rats paired with the Blu-ray/DVD combo House of VHS (courtesy of producer David Aboussafy and Creepy Six Films).



Official trailer:

The #creepysixfilms Times (Vol. 24) – Happy (belated) New Year!

 Well, Happy 2018!

Our new film sales company DARKSIDE RELEASING made its debut in November at the 2017 AFM (American Film Market), representing not only the Creepy Six Films catalogue of genre film, but also Drew Marvick’s Pool Party Massacre and TROMA’s Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High aka VOL. 2! Lloyd Kaufman’s follow-up to his 2015 indie hit Return to Nuke “Em High made its Canadian Premiere at our Cinemafantastique film fest last August, with Lloyd Kaufman attending in person and giving new and local filmmakers a lot of advice on independent filmmaking and the ever-changing media business.

(Side-note: Lloyd Kaufman also made an all-day appearance at Cinemafantastique’s “TROMAFEST” in Vancouver in 2015…)

Please stop by and check out our FILM STORE!

In February, Darkside Releasing will be returning to the international film markets in Berlin for the European Film Market! (Feb. 15-23, 2018), and we’ll be featuring several amazing films from our giallo catalogue as well as a scorching new documentary, Love & Other Stunts and a mini-catalogue of Pink Eiga films!



The #creepysixfilms Times (Vol. 23)


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 Well, Happy Saturday the 14th! We trust that everyone got to brush up on their Friday the 13th series yesterday! We would have, but we were stuck between binge-watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and overhauling the CREEPY SIX FILMS website during our fall cleaning. But really, we were doing a lot of web-work. Over the past two days we have minimized and tried to streamline the FILM page and the online STORE to host a better and easier navigation along the products — and as well, we’ve deleted most of our limited items that have sold out this year, including many of the original Carmilla lobby cards from the 2003 production… Please stop by and check it out this fall!

Usually, October being our favourite time of the year, it’s cause to celebrate by throwing our DVD deals and launching new product. However, as we get closer to Halloween, and realizing that we really only have a couple of weeks left before our new film sales company Darkside Releasing makes its international debut at the American Film Market, we have come to the conclusion that our new and Creepy goodies are likely going to have to wait for a November release.

TEMPLATE_VALLEYHowever, next month (November), we can look forward to the new double- and triple-blu-ray releasing of our newest erotic-surreal-murder-giallo THE VALLEY OF THE RATS, which stars Momona Komagata (Peelers), Jesse Inocalla, Jessie Crabbe, Tristan Risk (The Editor), and with very special appearances by Dan Ellis (American Guinea Pig) and Lynn Lowry (Shivers, Cat People, The Crazies). This out-of-this-world Blu-ray release should be ready to coincide with our distribution arm DARKSIDE RELEASING’S new VOD channel on Vimeo, where we’ll launch the Canadian Premieres of the recent films HOUSE OF VHS and REVERSED. Filmmakers, please keep tabs on this as we’ll soon be releasing a special shorts-genre-film programme On-Demand, and we’d love to see your films!


Vince D’Amato and Nicole Hancock D’Amato are the co-directors of the new international distribution/film sales company, DARKSIDE RELEASING. We will be at the AFM in Santa Monica this NOV. 1-8, Leows Room #304.

VOD Channel Coming Soon…!