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This year’s CINEMAFANTASTIQUE 3 which will take place over 13 hours at the VANCITY THEATRE on AUGUST 26th featuring some of the most innovative international genre films screening this year! TICKET PRE-SALES ARE UP on our INDIE-GO-GO platform or you can purchase tickets through FILM FREEWAY — Also, you can check out the official website here and please keep track on our Facebook Pages for official updates and announcements for this fantastic cinematic genre event in #Vancouver, including some very VERY special guests and guest film-competition judges!


HOUSE OF VHS will continue to hold its promotional sale price from the first day of summer (today) until we get into July. (Only specially priced here, not on Amazon!)

NEW FROM PREVIOUS WEEKS: Vince D’Amato has gone back to resurrect the award-winning 11-year-old blogspot THE DELIRIOUS CINEMA (formerly “The Films of Jess Franco”), a little fun writing project where new articles on subversive cinema will meet the re-publications of his ongoing “Absolute Horror” column for Canadian print magazine Absolute Underground – check it out here: https://jess-franco.blogspot.ca — ALSO; Creepy Six Films is moving forward (that’s corporate talk!) in the initial stages of developing its #DISTRIBUTION arm, and we are definitely wedging open the crack of opportunity for International independent genre filmmakers over the next few months — and meanwhile, we’re also beginning work on at new streaming-video rental channel for our entire catalogue, which should also be launching this summer, and keep an eye out for not one, but TWO special multi-disc Blu-ray editions of the newest Brivido Giallo erotic experimental-thriller movie The Valley of the Rats featuring the talents of Momona Komagata (Peelers), cult film star Lynn Lowry (They Came from Within, The Crazies), and local performance/burlesque artist Tristan Risk (aka “Little Miss Risk”). Valley of the Rats will be available in Canada this year!


Our good friend, composer, and constant collaborator Mickey E.Vil has just released the new VALLEY OF THE RATS Original Soundtrack along with his previous award-winning music for the films GLASS and REVERSED, available here: https://mickeyevil.bandcamp.com/ for the first time ever!



Creepy Six Films’ New Releases include: GLASS and HOUSE OF VHS!

Shivers Entertainment’s new DVD and VHS releases of the cult film LITTLE DEVILS is available NOW! Check it out…

GLASS from Random Dude Films on Vimeo.

Teaser-Trailer “Valley of the Rats” from Vince D’Amato on Vimeo.