Congratulations to our two winners of last weekend’s of CARMILLA contest as we once again teamed up with GBW Podcast and The Video Graveyard – our lucky winners received Creepy Six Films’ LIMITED DUAL-DVD edition of CARMILLA, which includes both the R-rated 2004 Asylum release plus the UNRATED 2008 Unearthed Films release, including a slew of extras and reversible insert artwork.

Additionally, from April 15th until May 2nd, any online orders of CARMILLA or HUMAN NATURE (also a dual-disc release) that come through our official web-store will receive a free Carmilla print.

Our good friend, composer, and constant collaborator Mickey E.Vil has just released the new VALLEY OF THE RATS Original Soundtrack along with his previous award-winning music for the films GLASS and REVERSED, available here: for the first time ever!


5_movies_backOur horror triple-pack available EXCLUSIVELY on, which includes the Reversed, Hell Hath No Fury, and Computer Hearts Blu-rays for a single shipping price.

Our 2016 award-winning neo-giallo GLASS in now available On Demand through RD Films and VIMEO.

Our newest release HOUSE OF VHS is available through Amazon Canada and in our ONLINE STORE…! Along with the BRAND-NEW RELEASE of our very first E-BOOK, titled “Five Movies, Five Days, Five Bucks”!

GLASS from Random Dude Films on Vimeo.

Teaser-Trailer “Valley of the Rats” from Vince D’Amato on Vimeo.