COMING UP: APRIL 7th (Friday Midnight Show) at The Rio – Creepy Six Films’ Vince D’Amato will be conducting a Q&A with Jackie Kong, director of BLOOD DINER, before a late screening of her cult classic slasher-comedy gore-a-thon film! Huge thank you to Northwest Nightmares and The Rio Theatre for bringing this to Vancouver! Keep an eye out next month for another #creepysixfilms contest/giveaway in conjunction with GBW Podcast and The Video Graveyard. Meanwhile, our newest releases include HOUSE OF VHS, Massacre Up North, and the award-winning surreal, erotic giallo/slasher GLASS, all available right now in THE STORE. Thank-yous this week go to Elder Andrades Martinezn for the fun interview with Creepy Six Films’ and Brivido Giallo’s director Vince D’Amato (you can find this on our Facebook Pages). And finally, it was amazing to see Valley of the Rats’ co-stars Tristan Risk and Jesse Inocalla performing in “GAME OVER: Time to Serenade the Arcade Decade” last night in Vancouver. What a blast!


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