Okay, so as far as weekly #creepysixfilms updates go, so far, so good. Week 2? Check. Second update? Also check. Fantastic, we’re officially weekly. Alright, now that that load’s off my mind, where are we at this week? Well, HMVs across Canada are closing and with their current 25% off of their remaining stock, I went and picked up William Friedkin’s 1990 horror/camp/gore flick The Guardian. In short, well worth a re-discovery. I had a friend in high school who’d loved this movie. Finally, I agree with her. But onto things that are actually happening this weekend — the 3rd annual Vancouver BADASS Film Fest kicks off at the Rio in #vancouver on Sunday, February 26th; and Valley of the Rats will be its opening film, in competition for Best Feature, Best Actor, Best Actress (Momona Komagata), Best Supporting Actress (Tristan Risk) and Best Supporting Actor (Raresh DiMofte). Come for the feature and stay for three sets of badass short film selections, followed by two more features, including the Vancouver premiere of Frankenstein Created Bikers.

Creepy Six Films will also have a very rare merchandise table set up, with our entire DVD, Blu-ray, and Music catalogue available to purchase on-site! (1:30pm – 7:00pm Sunday afternoon)


massacreupnorthdvdNext weekend (in March) Creepy Six Films will be hosting a contest to win one DVD copy of Paul Stoichevski ‘s Canadian Cult Classic MASSACRE UP NORTH – with the friendly collaboration of Shivers Entertainment!

Following the contest, MASSACRE UP NORTH will be available for a very limited time on creepysixfilms.com

Also, there is a horror triple-pack available EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon.ca, which includes the Reveres, Hell Hath No Fury, and Computer Hearts Blu-ray for a single shipping price.

And lastly, our 2016 award-winning neo-giallo GLASS in now available On Demand through RD Films and VIMEO.

Thank you all and we’ll be back next week for Volume 3…!