As unbelievable as this is to us, our sophomore film Human Nature turns 10 years old today!

Produced on the heels of Carmilla the Lesbian Vampire (which would become Vampires vs. Zombies through our distributor, The Asylum), The Asylum picked this film up immediately after the release of Vampires vs. Zombies (May, 2004) in order to market our serial killer gorefest behind Stuart Gordon’s King of the Ants. Human Nature was released internationally and was picked up by Hollywood Video in Canada & the U.S. for a domestic video release in September, 2004. Yes, 2004 was a gigantic year for us — and at the time, Hollywood Video was Blockbuster’s biggest competitor in the home video/DVD market. Ah, how times have changed…

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Human Nature, we’ve pressed a very limited DVD-R re-print of the Creepy Six Films Uncut Special Edition, which includes special features not available on the original Asylum release.

— Available NOW and for a limited time – in THE STORE