Yes, if you can believe it, Vampires vs Zombies (aka “Carmilla”) and our short film Heads Are Gonna Roll were released worldwide by The Asylum (now of Sharknado fame) May 25th, 2004. This was our flagship film for several years, and it has enjoyed quite a journey over the last decade! So many thanks to The Asylum for taking a chance on it in the first place, and then for unleashing it into the horror pop culture with gusto. The last copies on the face of the earth are still available for a limited time (while our dwindling supplies last!) at THE STORE.


Web - Carmilla - Ghost_Lobby_Card

A rare “Carmilla” lobby card featuring Brinke Stevens, pre-distribution, 2003.

It was 2001 when we met American cult star Brinke Steven at the Victoria ComicCon – we were there to represent the New York indie studio Troma, while Brinke was there representing her kick-ass self. She was kind enough to accept our script, back then called “Carmilla 2000”, and even kinder enough to come up to Vancouver, Canada to shoot the film! During a visit to LA in 2002, we went to see her before shooting would commence, meeting at a little Italian restaurant near Universal Studios. There, we asked her if she’s also want to star in a short film (Heads Are Gonna Roll) that we could shoot during the Carmilla production. She agreed, and subsequently found out from a journalist, just prior to flying up to meet us in Vancouver, that she had, at that time, been in 98 films. Making Carmilla her 99th and Heads Are Gonna Roll officially her 100th film.

In 2003 The Asylum picked up both films, and in 2004 they released the films into the world. Check out some of the international DVD releases…!