HCDF Blu-Ray_blog (100dpi)Official release date for The Hard Cut Double/Feature – Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan (Uncut) Blu-ray is on April 1st, 2014! Yes, that’s a Tuesday, in honour of the old-fashioned home-video release days back when there used to be home-video stores to rent & buy from. Remember those? Just our little homage.

We will be selling all titles on our new STORE page starting right after the weekend, and they’re also going to be available on Amazon.ca – and available for International shipping, too!

And lastly, we’ll also be selling off all of our distributors’ overstock from our out-of-print catalogue, so these titles will only be around while supplies last! Including: Carmilla, Human Nature, and Vampires vs. Zombies (the original R-rated version of “Carmilla”).

Happy shopping! And to those of you who’ve been waiting for The Hard Cut release — thank you immensely for your patience.